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How to brew

How to brew AeroPress


How to brew AeroPress

Coffee liberated from the constraints of gravity

AeroPress coffee makers are portable, convenient and easy-to-use. Think of it as an espresso maker, drip coffee maker, and French press, all rolled into one! Skip the bitterness and acidity and brew a rich, pure-tasting coffee wherever you are.

There are many ways to use an AeroPress. We will cover both The Upright Method in this article.

What you'll need

AeroPress, Aeropress Filter, Coffee (duh), Drinking Vessel, Grinder, Kettle, Digital Scales, Timer

Coffee Dose

15-18 grams

Grind Size

Fine to Medium-Fine

Water + Temp

200mL @ 94°C

Brew time

1:30 - 2 mins

The Upright Method

Step 1

Boil water & grind coffee

Ensure there is at least 300mL water in your kettle, and pop that on the boil. In the meantime, measure out 15-18 grams of coffee and grind it slightly finer than the coarseness of table salt.

With lighter roasts, we prefer larger doses with a coarser grind.

Step 2

Insert & rinse the filter

Insert either a paper or metal filter into the AeroPress’s detachable cap.

Use some hot water to wet your filter and cap. This serves 2 functions: it warms up your brewing vessel, and with a paper filter it helps it adhere to the cap and removes any paper taste.

Rinsing the cap can be a little fiddley. Hold the cap by the flaps and pour water very slowly so it percolates through the filter.

Step 3

Assemble & add coffee grounds

Slot and twist the cap into the AeroPress chamber.

Gently shake your measured and ground coffee into the chamber, and give the assemblage a couple of taps to flatten the bed of coffee. Sit the AeroPress on top of your drinking / serving vessel, and place the entire unit on your scales.

Step 4

Pre-infusion & bloom

0:00Start the timer.

Gently pour an intial 50mL of water in a circular motion, with the objective of wetting all of the grounds. The wet grounds should bubble up a little as CO2 escapes from the fresh coffee.

Swirl the AeroPress gently to mix for 2 seconds.

Step 5

Add the rest of the water

0:30Resume at 30 seconds.

At a moderate pace, add the remaining 150mL of boiling water. Stir the grounds 10 times to agitate.

Insert the plunger into the chamber, and allow the grounds to steep for a minute

Step 6

Let's press!

1:30Resume at 1:30 minutes.

Press down firmly to begin pushing the liquid coffee through the filter until you hear a hiss of air. If it feels too easy to push, your grind is likely too coarse; if it feels too hard, your grind is likely too fine.

It should take about 30 seconds to squeeze all the coffee out and hear the hiss.

Step 6

Discard the puck, and enjoy!

2:00Stop the timer.

Once you’ve unlatched the cap, you can pop out the puck of coffee and the filter by pushing the AeroPress’s plunger out all the way. Knock that into your compost bin.

Much like most other brewing methods, AeroPress coffee is best enjoyed after allowing it cool down a touch.

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